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Car Carriers

Look like a professional team driver at the track and be the envy of your friends as well as keeping your luggage space clean and dry after a dirty day at the track.

Pouches hold all extras for day out and keep dirt off seats
Car Carrier keeps dirt out of car boot
Carrier opens to allow easy access to car
loose bits easily found when dropped
Everything needed for day out with car kept together and nothing is forgotten
Draw cord with lock ensures safe transport of model
Easy to see and work on car parts
Dropped parts are not lost
No bits are lost when working on rough ground

The RC Carrier is the ideal accessory for the racer as well as hobbyist who likes to keep things clean. The concept is simple – transport your dirty off-road vehicle without making a mess or leaving unwanted stains in your trunk or back seat. The natural bag structure that encompasses the model can be adjusted to fit so it collects and retains any debris or mess that falls off, keeping it from messing your car, carpet or house. Best of all, there are sturdy carrying straps attached that allow you to carry your model effortlessly while keeping it level. There are clips on the straps to allow you to carry additional items in pouches at the same time without the risk of making dropping them accidentally.

The carrier can be used as a work area so any parts that you drop whilst doing the field maintenance are easy to find on the blue liner and don't disappear without trace on the ground.

Our car transport bags are also great for lugging stuff like spare parts to the pits with additional pouches available for fuel, tools etc. and due to the practical dimensions, the bags can be used for other applications.
The materials used in our products are easily cleaned with common soaps and cleaners and can be machine washed if necessary up to 40 degrees.


  • A range if sizes are available to fit a range of buggies, trucks, sedans, monster trucks and other large R/C vehicles.

  • The drawstring closure allows any size of model to be carried securely and cord gripping toggles keep it closed.

  • Constructed of strong scuff and tear resistant water-proof materials.

  • Keeps the mess and debris contained for transport

  • The bright blue bag liner is tough and easily cleaned and allows the easy location of any dropped screws or springs when working on your model in the field.

  • Easy to wipe clean with common soaps and cleaners as well as being machine washable.

We also have a matching light weight waterproof covers for use against rain and dust in the field as well as for keeping the model clean and dustfree during storage.The cover has a draw string fastening to fit the cover snugly round the model, minimising dust in storage and holding the cover on the field, giving protection against showers and gusts of wind.

seams are stiched with ultra strong thead and any raw edges are overlocked
cord lock holds carrrier shut securely
Seams are tight and neat
Carrier also has tool roll attached
Carrier open without car showing stiffness of carrier sides
everythin for day out is kept togther and nothing is forgotten
carriers can be used with or without pouches
Any pouch combination can be used

The carriers can be used on their own or in conjunction with one or more of our pouches fastened onto the handles.

The cord gripping toggles at either end of the carrier ensure the model stays in the carrier.

Carrier is open to show ease of fit
All ready for race and nothing forgotton
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