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Helecopter Carrying bags

A range of high quality, UK made, Helecopter Carrying bags that you can rely on.

The carrier protects your investment in transit as well as storage and open flat to give a waterproof padded work surface that can be knelt on for preparation and maintenance in the field.  

The carriers design makes it lighter and cheaper than a bought wooden or aluminium box whilst still giving ample protection to delicate models due to the fully padded and stiffened sides. For example, the last 90 size aluminium box we looked at weighed about 23kg and cost £209, whereas ours weighs around 2kg and costs £199. Also as well as protecting your investment and making it easy to carry and transport safely, you can use our carrier as a kneeling mat and work area in the middle of a muddy field – try that with a box, or any other carrier.

The carrier will accommodate varying sizes of model so you only need one carrier that can be used for whichever model you are taking on the day; this is especially useful if you have several heli’s to choose from.

There adjustable length and position carrying straps so the carrier is always balanced.The spare strap attachment positions give attachment points for additional pouches to be added when needed to carry accessories such as batteries, fuel and transmitter.

The length of the carrier is adjustable by means of the adjustable fastening straps at either end of the carrier and can also be extended further by use of optional extension pieces if you later get a longer model.

We also have a matching light weight waterproof coversavailable for use against rain and dust in the field as well as for keeping the model clean and dustfree during storage.The cover has a draw string fastening to fit the cover snugly round the model, minimising dust in storage and holding the cover on the field, giving protection against showers and gusts of wind.

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