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The Scale Boat Carrier

The Scale Boat Carrier is a multi-purpose carrier that can be used for just about any of your models due to the adjustments and the additional extensions that can be bought. Its versatility in dimensions allows you to carry just about any boat with a range of pouches that can carry as many parts and equipment you desire, radios, chargers, tools...even lunch. Only one trip from the car to the lake, and you have everything you need in one hand.
Large scale boats can be very difficult to carry around or transport in your car without damage. This system provides the protection and makes moving the model easy. The carrier is the fraction of the weight of a wooden or aluminium box but affords the same amount of protection and is adjustable to fit and protect a range of model sizes. The light weight coupled with the adjustable handles makes lifting the model much easier and takes less effort than carrying the model on its own.
The system can also keeps all your RC boating supplies in one place so you will never misplace your transmitter again.
When at the lakeside the carrier folds flat and can be used as a padded, waterproof, kneeling mat for preparing the model in comfort.
The model can be stored in the carrier or the carrier can be folded flat and put away until needed again.
The thick, 1000 denier, water-proof Cordura material, 10mm closed cell foam, 4mm plastic board and smooth, water-proof, 40 denier nylon liner all combine to protect your boat against damage in transport or storage.
The fabric is wipe clean and machine washable up to 40 degrees. The foam and stiffeners are easily removable.
We also manufacture a light weight waterproof cover with a draw string to enclose the model that can also be used in conjunction with the carrier to keep the rain as well as dust of your model.


  • Reduce your many trips from the car to the lake.

  • Protect your boat and gear from dirt and damage.

  • Keep all of your gear in one spot for clean organized storage at home

  • Rugged extra tough stain-resistant fabric

  • Closed cell foam does not absorb water

  • Heavy-duty stitching throughout

  • External side pouches can be added for carrying items

  • The position of the carrying handle can be changed to balance bag

  • Split padded end panels for adjusting length of carrier.

  • Padded shoulder strap can be added for unequalled comfort with heavy boats.

  • Easily adustable to suit your model

  • End extentions can be added to lenghten the carrier if needed.

The scale boat carriers will suit a range of boat styles and sizes making handling a large model a breeze, whilst ensuring its safety, both in and out of the car.

Don't carry your pride and joy around like this, trusting to luck that it won't be damaged as you transport it.

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