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A transmitter mitt helps keep your hands and transmitter warm and dry during cold or wet weather flying days. The idea is to stop your fingers from getting too cold and losing sensation. The transmitter mitt completely encloses your transmitter, with shaped openings on either side for your hands, and has a clear plastic window on the top so you can see the meter, display, and trims.
You can keep the rain and cold weather at bay when on the drivers stand with these mitts and you can enjoy yourself without your fingers dropping off!

We have two types, a lightweight mitt that can be folded into your coat pocket and a deluxe mitt that has a neck strap, fluffy lining and solid base for very cold weather.

As the use of transmitter mitts can produce their own problems regarding the control of your model we would like to recommend the following guidelines for use.

  • Switch off your transmitter before you fasten it into the mitt.

  • Reach into the mitt and ensure all switches and dials are set properly before switching it on. It is very easy to accidentally hit a switch.

  • We recommend inserting your Left hand (mode II) into the mitt first – before picking it up, so you can control the throttle stick. You don’t want to accidentally bump the throttle stick.

  • Place the strap over your neck, if you are using one, and use your remaining hand to extend your antenna (if necessary) and adjust the mitt over you jacket sleeve on the opposite hand.

  • Put your remaining hand into the mitt, twisting your wrist to settle the mitt over this sleeve and take hold of your transmitter.

  • You can insert a "hand warmer" packet behind the transmitter to provide even more comfort, but we don’t think you’ll need it.


Sorry, but we must warn you. The use of mitts can reduce your ability to get to all the controls of your transmitter in the case of an emergency. The window allows you to see the transmitter, but your view of the controls will be slightly reduced.
Please take care, we see no issues with the use of one of our mitts, but you should use common sense as there may be unforeseen circumstances which may cause problems using this mitt. By using this mitt you accept this responsibly, please ensure you are confident you have full control of your model.

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