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1/5th size Padded Bike Carrier


  • The bag provides a padded holder that is adjustable to suit any 1/5th scale bike.

  • The bike can be carried without removing the side bars.

  • It can be used with or without the foam padding.

  • Two clips on each handle for attaching equipment pouches.

  • Two adjustable Velcro straps per open edge.

  • The heavy duty Velcro straps ensure the bike remains in the bag and allow for adjustment to suit a range of bike types and sizes.

  • The bag opens flat to give a clean surface that you can use for the field maintenance of the bike.

  • We use a heavy 1000 denier black material for the outer of the bag that is very resistant to wear and tear, and a strong smooth bright blue inner material that makes finding any dropped screws easy.

  • The Cordura nylon material used for both inner and outer layer of the bag is water and fuel proof.

  • The 10mm closed cell foam does not absorb liquids and the waterproof outer materials of the bag can be easily wiped clean of mud and water.  

  • The bag is machine washable at up to 40 degrees when the foam is removed.

Approximate dimensions of the empty carrier:

 520mm long
 350mm tall
 100mm wide

Scale motorbike carrier
Padded Bike Carrier opens flat as work area
1/5th size Motorbike fits easily in carrier with or without side bars
1/5th Padded Bike Carrier

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