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The Moducarry RC Carrying System.

The RC Carrying System from Moducarry is a modular system designed for the person who likes to keep things clean, safe and organised, as well as being the ideal easy way to transport your model to and from the park, track, beach, lake or any other venue. The unique design of the carriers snugly encompasses your RC model keeping it safe inside, whilst the clips on the outside allow easy and safe carrying of other items like your transmitter and batteries using a choice of interchangeable clip-on pouches.

Using the Moducarry Carrier for your model keeps it safe and protected whilst in the back of your car, and when you arrive it makes it easy to carry everything you need for the days fun at the venue.

Large models can be very difficult to carry around or transport in your car without damage. No matter what size model you have this system of carriers and pouches provides the protection needed and makes carrying your model and accessories easy.

When you get back home any dirt brushes off the waterproof outer material and lining which can then be sponged clean if necessary.

When it’s really dirty you can throw the bag into the washing machine (they are machine washable up to 30°C). The bag is then air dried, but NOT tumble dried.

You’ll find your Moducarry Carrier becomes an essential tool when out with your models. The Moducarry Carrying System is adaptable to suit your needs, some can be enlarged by use of add on sections and all can have two or more pouches attached.

We believe that you will not find higher quality model accessories anywhere; we pride ourselves on producing equipment that will give many years of hard service.

All our Carriers are constructed from military specification materials. The standard bags have an outer of 1000 denier Cordura nylon fabric, which is a very heavy weight nylon with a waterproof PU coating. The fabric is amazingly tough and water-resistant with excellent tear and rip strength. It is also very abrasion resistant giving exceptional strength and long life to the bag. A thinner brightly coloured 4oz, 210 denier, PU coated Cordura liner is used to give a smooth inside surface that prevents scuffing and gives a smart, distinctive appearance, also the bright inside surface is an aid when trying to find dropped screws etc.

The Cordura used for both the outer and the inner of the bag are extremely tough and hard wearing, as well as water and fuel proof (both petrol and nitro fuel).

All our products are sewn together with a bonded nylon thread that is extremely strong (with a 7.75kg tensile strength), meaning it cannot be snapped by hand, at least not without slicing through your skin to the bone, even if you are strong enough to snap the single thread...

We use fittings made of an acetyl nylon that doesn’t deform or shatter even at extreme temperatures and any clear panels are made from Nyrex, a soft, clear and extremely tough plastic that is also used in military map pouches.

The Moducarry range is supplied in Black and Royal Blue as standard, but we can supply any of our range in military colours for tanks and military models or any other colours to special order.

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