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Equipment Belt

A practical belt with attached clips to take any of our range of pouches. With this handy waist belt you always have all important stuff to hand. You can stow important tools such as screwdrivers or your glow battery safe and handy in a pouch on the belt, or use the dump pouch as a safe place to put your transmitter and keep it out of the dirt. It is perfect for carrying small parts like body pins or Glow plugs...

The belt came about from a request by a modeller who regularly drove his cars on the beach and had a problem of sand getting in his transmitter controls when he put it down to work on the car. With the belt he could have a dump pouch to drop the transmitter in when he needed, another dump pouch on the other side for his starter, the large pouch to hold a fuel bottle and the tool roll for all the little bits and pieces and a few adjustment tools.

Suitable for all classes - useful for drivers and mechanics!

  • Two adjustable sizes available to suit a range of waist sizes

  • A range of attachments can be used as needed.

  • Pouches or tool-rolls can be separated from belt for ease of use.

  • Pouches not included.

Size 1 is for up to 38" waist

Size 2 is for up to 58" waist

Equipment Belt (size 1)

Equipment Belt (size 2)

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