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We are an established company dedicated to producing the best equipment from the finest materials to exacting military specifications in our UK factory so you can be sure our model carrier range are made to the very highest quality.

We have a limited stock of completed items and the majority of our products are made to order by us in the factory. Depending on demand, stock levels and quantity ordered we can usually complete and ship orders within a few days. We will email you with a
confirmation of the expected shipment date on receipt of your order and payment.

Our military equipment has a high reputation and can be found in use by
discerning people throughout the world in numerous active operations.

We believe you cannot get higher quality or more durable equipment. Our products can take whatever you throw into them without the seams splitting or the handles coming off because we only use heavy duty, military spec materials and threads in the construction for strength and resistance to abrasion and rips, ensuring a long, reliable life.

You can buy cheaper non UK made equipment, BUT, by
only using high quality materials in our products we ensure that "whatever lets you down our equipment won't".

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