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Lightweight Transmitter Mitt

Lightweight Transmitter Mitt is made from strong but thin waterproof nylon with an ultra flexible Nyrex window on the top. The materials used mean you can fold the mitt up, fasten with a rubber band and put it in your pocket ready to be taken out for use if it gets cold and windy or starts to rain. The mitt not only keeps your hands warm but also protects your transmitter from damage in the case of rain. You can even use the mitt to keep your hands warm when you are just a spectator on a cold day and have forgotten your gloves.

The mitt completely encloses your transmitter, with shaped openings on either side for your hands, and has a clear plastic window on the top so you can see the meter, display, and trims. The mitt closes with Velcro and also has a small antenna hole at the front. The mitt is designed to be held, rather than hung from a neck strap, but there is also a neck strap attachment loop that allows attaching a neck strap to the outside of the mitt. This allows the strap to be attached without having a hole in the top of the mitt that lets the rain drip in. The mitt is designed so that the transmitter cannot drop out of it when using a neck strap, even if you take your hands out of it with the rear Velcro closure open.

The sleek shape of the mitt enables easy use for both stick and wheel transmitters, in fact we haven't found a transmitter on the market that won't fit in the our unique shaped mitt.

  • Can be folded to a small size

  • keep it in your pocket ready for use if needed

  • Can be used for wheel or stick transmitters

  • Helps keep hands warm for longer

  • Helps extend battery life

  • Protects your transmitter

  • More sensitive control without gloves

  • A neck strap can be attached, but is not included

Our standard colour for this mitt is blue with black binding.

Lightweight mitt

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