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We use Military specification CORDURA® fabrics in the production of our equipment. We feel that the main benefit of using genuine CORDURA® brand fabrics is the fact that they are more durable than comparable cheaper unbranded fabrics. CORDURA® fabric offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it a first choice for durable fabrics where performance matters.

How durable is the nylon CORDURA® 1000 Denier fabric we use for the outer skin of our Model Carriers and Pouches? Well, ounce for ounce, according to the maker's literature, it has a superior strength-to-weight ratio over most fabrics on the market, it 10 times more durable than cotton duck, three times more durable than standard polyester, and twice as durable as the standard nylon most other manufacturers of modelling equipment use.

CORDURA® fabric has a durable performance proven in many of the world’s toughest environments and is also used in modern motorbike jackets as it gives a better scuff resistance than leather.

The lining material we use is strong yet silky smooth as well as water and fuel-proof to give a tough durable material that won’t scuff your model’s finish.

CORDURA® fabrics are extremely water resistant. This is due to the fact that Cordura fabrics are largely made up of Nylon66, an extremely durable and waterproof material. The fabric is also fuel-proof and resistant to a wide range of solvents. To increase this liquid resistance the material we use is also coated on the reverse side with a tough waterproof coating.

Products made with CORDURA® fabrics feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, are inherently stain resistant, easy to clean and colourfast, giving a long-lasting durability with exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

The thread we use to sew our products together is impossible to snap with bare hands as an individual thread has a breaking strain of 7.75kg – it has to be cut because
a single thread cannot be snapped by hand, at least not without slicing through your skin to the bone.

This ultra-strong thread coupled with the tough outer material we use means that, unlike cheaper bags you can buy, one our carrier seams cannot be ripped apart even if you stand on the carrier and try to pull it apart using both hands and all your strength... So you can rest assured that whatever model you throw at one of our products it will be able to cope without the seams bursting.

In fact we use the same materials in our range of military kit that many serving soldiers choose to replace their MOD issued kit. They trust with their lives that our kit won't fail them in the harsh conditions they face during action in various current theatres of operation around the world.

All this means our products are resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions and designed for a tough life - our products are built to last and if you can get an item in one of them, you can carry it without fear of the carrier ripping apart.

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